Robotmob: Innovation Award Winner

Wood Industry 4.0

In the wood industry, the Lyon “Eurobois trade show” is a reference. We were represented with our partner A2C France, which offers innovative hydro-mechanical solutions, reliable and efficient. The Robotmob solution was selected for the innovation award alongside another 30 entrant. Only 5 winners would be elected in the “Eurobois Innovation” category.

One innovation Vision of the Wood Industry, made by a Belgian-French collaboration

These last development, work and test years finally rewarded with this Eurobois 2018 Award. IMAX Pro and A2C more than ever in the 4.0 industry, innovation and automated wood work. Discover (in French) the interview of our A2C partner Emmanuel.


Automated wood framing assembling but also …

Robotmob is rewarded for its ability to build Wood Framing. How? Based on BTL files, it is programmed to move, create a template by placing magnets on an easel. He will then seize different woods to compose the structure of the frame. Grasp the OSB panels, fix these panels with nails and finally nail the entire frame after changing tools for a “Large Capacity Nailer”.

In addition to these wooden frames, Robotmob stands out for its flexibility and multi-tasking. Indeed, it is also able to machine a log over its entire length, thanks to its displacement on track. But also to create double curves. What made it an Eurobois innovation 2018.