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Robotmob : the cobot, or collaborative robot, allows you to work with your vision of wood. It is able to change tool following its needs, to move on a track and to interact with humans through a userfriendly application.

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Swiss Knife
Scanner Robotmob
Wide View Scanner
High capacity nailer
High Capacity Nailer
High capicity Nailer
Large Drill
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Project ROBOTMOB 4.0: system of tools and processes to help automate the manufacture of wood frame walls.

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Clou - cut - assemble

The Swiss Knife scan, align, place, nail, mill

The swiss knife, main tool of Robotmob, is a multifunctional device which enable mutliple tasks without tool changing. Our robot is not limited to one single action.


Improve your production

Swiss knife, high capacity nailer, saw, grippers, high power mill, … Thanks to its tool changer, Robotmob answers all of your needs !


Reference elements

With its integrated scanner, Robotmob is able to analyse the position of wood elements to reference them in its “world”.


Move on a track

Robotmob is able to move on the track following its needs ! You are working on different projects ? No worry ! You just have to define different working zone and Robotmob keeps autonomous.


Ready to collaborate

No worry for the workers : the robot is aware of them. They are able to work together in the same shared area and to collaborate for a better and faster work.

There are 2 different levels for the safety : Robotmob keeps reguling his speed while the worker is getting closer.

First step: Robotmob slows down his action
In the second: it stops

Make it work ?

A Whole Factory at Your Fingertips

Inspired by the universal music applications, our software makes the Robot use clever and faster.

Touch a Zone from the 3D representation. Select a file and press Continue. Then prepare the task referring to the checklist and press Start.

Touch a Zone
Select a File
Prepare Zone
Vue on process

Always an Eye on the Process

Quick view on the task you started with total of steps accomplished, current step name and progression.

progression state

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