Double curve Surfacing, with Robotmob

Innovation to serve the Wood Industry

The double curved robotic machining opens up new perspectives for woodworkers, architects, designers and other craftsmen. Indeed, thanks to our process automation solution, our Robotmob is able to machine a double curve. This solution was used in particular for the IMAX Pro stand at Ligna 2017, as well as for the Hewy design production!

After assembling a bonded laminated template, which already follows the desired curve, machining is performed by Robotmob to provide millimeter accuracy and smooth rendering. In addition, thanks to its movement on track, our robotic solution is able to machine over a length of several meters! So the roof for the  Ligna stand 2017, assembled in 3 parts arranged side by side, is more than 4 meters long. While the Triosphere, Hewy designer’s production, measures 3.4m after assembly.

Curved machining offers new Creative Possibilities for Woodworkers and Craftsmen

Increase opportunities in the wood industry

IMAX Pro has developed several solutions for machining and wood processing. This work in curve and double curve is currently unique and we are constantly working on new possibilities! In addition, the robot being able to change tools, the limits of machining and customization of these logs are still rejected. For example, in the roof, we cut a circle after surfacing the entire hull. These curves are already adopted by Hewy creatives and the Scidus sawmill.

IMAX Pro keeps developing new solutions to optimize the wood work and machining.

Interested by these opportunities as a professional or player in the wood industry? Feel free to contact us for more information, discover our automation solutions for wood processing and come meet us!